Thursday, July 2, 2015


As I am penning down these testimonies, I am thanking God our Father for His love upon me and my family. Truly, He has been good to us all.

Recently, the enemy attacked my daughter with constant fever and convulsions. But as a family, we knew that God had control over her situation and would ultimately give us the victory over her condition. So we kept on praying and believing in Him and His healing power. Today, she has no more fever and her convulsions have stopped.

I was not spared either. Not too long ago, I started having back pain. Fear started to set in and I began to wonder if this was a sign that I was having a problem with my liver and kidneys. Fear also made me hesitant to go to the doctors to have a scan done. But because the pain persisted, I finally went and had an ultrasound.

On the day I was due to receive the results from the doctor, I was apprehensive. So I turned to our Father and started telling Him the result that I wanted to hear. When I finally met the doctors, they told me that all is "muito bom", Portuguese for "very very OK". The love of our Father truly casts out all my fear. There was nothing wrong with me.

I was also running a motorcycle spare parts business in Nigeria. But recently, I had to move my business to Angola. Business was slow in the beginning, as there were no customers. So again I turned to our Father and kept on sharing with Him my concerns over the business. This past week, He sent me many new faces and business is much better now.

Indeed, it is wonderful what our Father has done in my life and for my family. For all that He has done for me, I am thankful and grateful. He truly has been faithful. Please always remember me in your prayers and I will continue to pray that you always remain blessed.

Tony Kizito

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