Tuesday, November 10, 2015


When I was 13, I was riding a bicycle the size of a 10-speed when I accidentally kicked the front tire with my foot. Doing that caused the bike to flip and I landed directly on my head.

After I landed, I managed to get up, but the pain was so severe, I was jumping around, holding my head with both hands.

Five minutes later, the pain subsided sufficiently for me to get back onto the bike and started riding back home.

I arrived home within 10-15 minutes and told my mom. She worried. This had come not even a year after my last major accident. She called a friend who, when he heard, left work, came to the house within 20 minutes and took me to the hospital. The doctors at the Emergency Room did an x-ray of my head but it showed that there was not even a bruise on my head!

Given the severity of my fall and my prior injuries, there was no doubt that Jesus had been watching over me and protecting me that day.

Rick Olmsted
United States of America

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