Tuesday, November 10, 2015


When I was 19, my mom, little sister and I had moved to Arizona. While we were living there, I worked as a cook in a local restaurant.

One night while I was at work, my brother, who had been living in Washington, called and told mom that he had a vision that something was going to happen to one of us that night.

That night, while at work, I walked around a table in the kitchen. I did see some grease on the floor, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I stepped on the grease and slipped. As I was falling, I tried grabbing for something to break my fall, and I grabbed a 20 gallon pot of boiling meat and it spilt onto the left side of my body.

I started removing my clothing right away, while screaming. The waitresses came in to see what was wrong. When they saw my predicament, they went back out to get some lard and butter to put onto my burn. Thank God, there was an Ex-Army Paramedic in the restaurant that night. He saw the waitresses coming in and out of the kitchen, and figured that something was wrong. He came into the kitchen with them and when he had fully appreciated the situation, he gave instructions for ice and water to be applied to my wounds instead of lard and butter. Once I had been stabilized, he rushed me to the hospital.

I was in the hospital for two and a half weeks. But by God’s grace, I was discharged with no burn scars. God had put someone in the right place at the right time for me. If it wasn’t for the Army Paramedic doing what he did, scars would be the least of my problems today.

Rick Olmsted
United States of America

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